Writer’s Block

Published by Editor-in-Chief

August 25, 2020

Despite being a constant juggler of different roles that I play in my day-to-day life, the only thing I can really identify myself with is, being a writer. For me the process of writing is similar to meditation. I become one with the idea I am putting down on the paper and no second thought exists in my mind at that moment. Being able to pen my thoughts down relieves me of the stress of every day life. Hence, I can not even begin to explain how stressful it feels when I can’t write any more for long periods of time.

I am not the first person to experience the writers block and this certainly isn’t the first time I have experienced it, However just like a toothache it always seems like the worst than anything I have experienced before.

How do you deal with it?

What gets you out of the rut of not creating anything worth mentioning?

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  1. amit kumar singh

    From a writer’s point of view it is very well penned.
    Keep encouraging us
    Thank you for creating and being here.

  2. Editor-in-Chief

    Thank you for stopping by Dr. Amit. We appreciate your encouraging words.

  3. Harsh Kohli

    Yes, writers block is very much a real thing and can be frustrating. More often than not its demotivating too.

    I have had my patches, some lasting for years. To me, personally, revisiting my writings has helped me some out of it. You see, you tend to start reliving the moments when you read them. And you catch-up on feel you had when you wrote those words.

    And rest is the pull of your love for writing that brings you back.

  4. Editor-in-Chief

    Hello Harsh, thank you for reading and sharing your experience and what works for you. Indeed, reading your previous work can definitely help one get back on track.

    Keep Penning.

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