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Collecting brilliant unknown literary stars for the generations to come.

Our Story

Agyaat publications is not for profit organization. Our aim is  to provide good content to literature lovers, while ensuring that authors receive their due credit and more. We are a socially conscious organization and are committed to giving 100% of our profits to help fund the education of underprivileged children in India.

Agyaat is a dream child of an NRI woman, Prabhjot Kaur. This is her reason for beginning on a journey that she hopes will someday become a story itself:

Why Agyaat?

“My late father was an amazing poet. Some of my earliest memories are of being in dark dingy Plays in theatres, Poetry nights and that of Nukkad Nataks. Then Life happened and after my grandfather’s passing my father became too busy making a living, to take care of his younger siblings and us. Growing up, I used to steal his blue diary and read his poems, they were so dreamy; full of romance and anguish only a young soul can feel. I often asked him to start writing again and he always replied; after retirement. Within a year of retiring from his Government job, he was diagnosed with cancer the second time, two years later he was gone without every writing again. His work and his large collection of books were unfortunately sold, along with old newspapers by an overzealous relative and Just like that, I lost an important part of a very talented man. Every time I see a beautiful poem making rounds on social media under different names it reminds me of my father. It pains me to the level that I can’t even begin to explain. An artist often doesn’t get his due from this world, but he deserves to be remembered long after he is gone. Hence, I started Agyaat.”

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